By: Yvette Gemignani-Olmo

LinkedIn and other social network platforms are great for organizations looking to network and hire new employees. LinkedIn in particular should play a significant role in your company’s hiring strategy, as prospective staff members are increasingly going on this platform.

The following tricks can help your company find ideal candidates that can become your best new employees.

Use Your Individual LinkedIn Account

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you undoubtedly have a considerable personal network you can leverage on behalf of your company. When looking for applicants, simply post a status update that announces the position you’re trying to fill and directs people to where someone can submit an application.

If a person in your network knows a prospective applicant, they can introduce you to them. To get further exposure, you can ask people to “Like” the announcement post, since LinkedIn makes popular posts more visible than posts with zero Likes.

Although this is a simple and effective way to source applicants, it should not be your default move for every job that opens, since your followers will start to see these posts as spam.

Announce Job Opening From the Company Account

An announcement of a job opening on the company LinkedIn page is also good way to source applicants. Also, because your followers are likely interested in working for your company, these kinds of posts are more appreciated that job opening posts on your personal LinkedIn account.

Once again, asking employees who follow your company on LinkedIn to like job opening posts boosts their visibility.

Review Your Followers List

Many people sign up for a LinkedIn account and mostly let it sit dormant, checking in once and a while. This type of LinkedIn user probably won’t be tipped to your job opening until it’s too late.

However, you can still connect to these passive users. Start with those that might be following you: Click on the word ‘followers’ on the top right of your company page and review your followers list for good candidates. Then, contact your top choices via direct message.

Start Jobs Discussion

Sparking a jobs discussion in the LinkedIn groups you belong to is another way to source candidates. These discussions should be started in the industry groups your ideal candidates most likely belong to. For instance, if you’re looking for a cybersecurity professional, start a jobs discussion in a cybersecurity group.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tool can be very useful, but it can also be frustrating. Be sure to use different combinations of search terms for the same job. Also, use multiple variations of the same keywords.

Once you have found a particularly effective combination of search terms, but sure to save those terms for future searches. Doing this causes LinkedIn to continue searching for prospective candidates, both in your network and your extended network.


At Cornerstone, we regularly use LinkedIn to source top talent for our clients. If your company is currently looking to fill a vacant position, please contact us today to find out how we can help.

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