By: Robert Lawrence

Good questions are the backbone of any effective interview. They can not only determine if a candidate actually has the skills listed on their resume, good questions can also provide a substantial barometer on how each candidate might fit into the company’s existing culture.

Before launching into a short list of some of the best interview questions out there, it should be noted that probing interview questions are often specifically related to the position candidates are seeking. Also, interviewers should constantly be refining their list of interview questions; keeping track of which ones led to the best hiring decisions and eliminating ones that tend to provide useless information.

Consider the following general interview questions the next time you are interviewing candidates for a transportation job.

Based on your research, how would you make the biggest contribution to our organization?

Those who have truly prepared for the interview will love the chance to share their research and stand out from those who haven’t. They will want to show they have found information that goes beyond a basic scan of the company LinkedIn profile. Those who haven’t done any research will fumble and attempt to put some generic response together.

Applicants should say what separates them from the competition. A candidate who effectively outlines how their distinctive qualities will benefit your company will do a great job once hired.

Describe your favorite boss you’ve ever had.

First and foremost, this question can tell you a great deal about a candidate’s past relationship with a person in authority. Also, given that it points to the personality and workflow types that the candidate works best with, this question can offer major insight into communication abilities, work style and likely cultural fit.

This question can also indicate how self-directed an applicant is. If your business emphasizes autonomy, for instance, an applicant who craves constant direction will not thrive. On the other hand, if the open position’s supervisor is a bit of a micromanager, self-driven applicants are less likely to do well.

Why are you looking to leave your current job?

The applicant’s reply can tell you a lot about their beliefs, outlook, objectives and needs from an employer. If the applicant is reaching for a more successful future, you can delve into whether or not they are ready to take the next step. If the candidate is running away from something, you can talk about how things may or may not be different if they were to be hired by your company.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

The response to this question can tell a great deal about what is important to the individual and what they think about in a job situation. It also points to what the candidate thinks is a major achievement, which may or may not relate to achievements that are possible at your company.

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